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Bums with bank cards!!!

I guess i'll just get to the point.. I met up with angel today at at the new spot and we decided to go to 14th street Just to walk around. we stop in wendy's to get something to eat.. Angel ordered more food then he could eat and since I don't eat hamburgers he was gonna throw it out.. I didn't wanna waste food so I told him "Lets give it to a bum". We started talking about how the bums are gonna throw the hamburger back into my face and say "I said a dollar bitch" like in scary movie 2. we walked to 23rd street then Angel took the train from there. I started to walk home thinking to my self, still with the fucking hamburger in my hand "Where's a fucking bum when you need one" and to my surprise I see a bum right across the street from me. I approach the bum in cation as he beg for change and I say " here I have food instead". He tells me no, no I don't want that. I continue to walk away, I'm half a block away from him and he calls me back. I turn around and he asked me why would I give him the hamburger?. I told him because I don't eat them then he said " I don't need a fucking hamburger I have a bank card,I have money in the bank".. "I need crack" this mothafucking bum was telling me the fuck off and as he was doing this there were two other bums by the bus stop laughing at me.. So I slowly put the hamburger on the the sidewalk and backed away from it slowy... I didn't know what to do or how to reacted.. never again!!!!
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