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I'm at my best friend's house and he just had a fight with his boyfriend... I feel for the kid, I can't stand to see him upset.. I may not be in his shoes, but I know how he's feeling right now because i've known him for soo long. It's like I could read him so well at times, he doesn't even have to speak. I just know what he's gonna say before he even says it & vise versa.... Shyt i've known this kid for 10 mothafucking years, I feel mad old just typing this shit.. I remember when I was 10 years old (it feels like just yesterday)on some end of the world type shit... My grandmother always telling me that the world would come to an end, we all would die and so on and so on.. Me being a dumb ass kid would believe that shit, so at that age I didn't think I would live to be 19.. And look at me now, 19...... It feels like complete shit! but then again life IS what you make of it... This year went by soo fast and I didn't even do anything worth remembering.. I know it's not over yet but school is starting and I feel as if I wasted this summer... All I did was work my ass off, just to go home and get treated like shit at times. I really miss being a kid and the reality of this is hitting me hard right now.. I'm not bitching but just trying to justify some of my feelings....nothing more
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Where you at son? heh. It's been a while.
yea it has..... holla at cha gurl, lol!!
call me i want my silent hill 3 back later