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Hey to all!!

Hey everyone!!! just posting because I still have this thing and I as might as well use it right? school is almost done and I'm almost finished with that crap. (for a while at least)I got a new job, i'm sooo proud of myself. I make just enough to move out, I started with entry level and i already got a fucking 5,000 rise and my 90 day period isn't even over yet. I'm not bragging but i'm just proud of myself. If me and my grandmother could continue to live together then i'm not leaving.. Fuck it, i'm not in a rush to move out and pay 1,000 just for rent, when i could just pay the rent that i'm paying now which is close to nothing compared to what i'm making now. I'm just gonna save and invest my money right now and watch it grow...As far as everything else, I also have a great boyfriend, he is really fucking supportive. i've been with him for four months now, that's the longest i've ever been with anybody. Life is good, like it always been for me. (even when times are hard) Hi justin.... i know that your gonna be home soon..yay! Can't wait to see you! Me and Annie miss ur ass. I hope that everything for everybody is going well. Good luck to all
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